FS-I6S Set up - Naza

These instructions are for setting up the FS-i6s radio transmitter for use with a Naza M-V2 or Naza Lite flight controller.
This radio comes with its own instructions so they are not covered here. Please refer to the booklet included in with the radio. Each FS-i6s box contains a transmitter (from this point forward called the "radio") and a receiver (6 or 10 channel) and a binding plug.
Note: This is a touch screen radio.
First install 4 AAA batteries in the radio and power it up. you will note that the radio has 2 power buttons, both must be pushed to turn it on or off.
Initial powered up screen
Touch "Fly Mode" on the screen
Then touch "on"
On the next screen touch "Channel" and then press the up arrow on the left and set it to "7" them press the check mark.
Next touch S1: Null
on the next screen select SwC.
Then touch 1: Mode01, on the next screen touch backspace to delete it and type in GPS
Back space and enter GPS
Then touch the Back arrow in the top left.
Now touch"15 in the bottem right secitons, touch the 15 and then increase it to 18 and touch the check mark.
the touch the 00, increase it to 40 and touch teh check mark.
Next touch toggle the SwC switch (3 postion switch on the top righ sid eof the radio (all switches are marked) down to the center postion.
Then touch Mode 02 and change it to say ATT (for attitude mode) the same way you changed Mode 01.
Then touch the back arrow to get to the main screen.
From here touch the Tool icon
Touch the screen and scroll to "Output Mode"
Touch SYS (SYSTEM) tab in the top right.
Here touch to change the setting to PPM on the left side and S.BUS on the right, then touch the back arrow.
From here touch the Function tab and scroll to and touch "Reverse." the select Channel 6 and touch "Nor" and it will change to say "Rev" then touch the back arrow.
Next scroll to the "Aux. Channel" section. Press the arrow on the right to channel 6 then touch the circle with the line through it.
On this screen touch SwX, then select SwB on the next one.
Then touch the back arrow key to get back to the main screen.

Intelligent Orientation Control

Verify the IOC block is checked in the IOC tab and that the SwB switch movement corresponds with the screen slider and blue highlighted blocks on the screen.


You will need to verify the setting are correct when you start to configure Naza. Under the Basic / RC tab.
You may need to adjust the numbers to make sure the pointer in the "Control Mode Switch" to make sure the GPS and ATT postions (SWC) . switch lines up the pointer and the section is blue.
Increasing or decreasing the numbers will move the slider on the screen. Make sure the heading (GPS - ATT ) turns blue.

Fail Safe

To make sure the aircraft's fail safe (return home and land feature) will work, take out a battery and make sure the slider move to a fail safe position.


Most of the radio set you get will have the transmitter and receiver bound. you can tell this when the receiver LED is connected to the X2 port and is solid red. If the receiver is flashing red it is not bound to the transmitter (or if you have multiple transmitter you have the wrong one).
Binding is fairly simple but you will need to have your drone mostly built, and the receiver plugged in to the X2 port on the Naza and the horizontal "SERVO" slot in the receiver.
Next plug the Binding Plug into the B/VCC port on the receiver.
Receiver and Bind Plug
First touch the Tool icon and then the "SYSTEM" Tab and then touch "RX Bind"
it will say "Binding to RX"
Now power up the drone and the screen should say "Bound" and then revert back to the "SYSTEM" tab main list, then touch the back arrow to get to the main screen.
The LED on the receiver should now be solid red and battery Icons in the top right corner of the main screen for the RX should have changed from a "?" to indicate the battery is half full.
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