Radio Transmitter Set up

The FS-i6s is a 6-10 channel transmitter with a touch-screen. It has two 2-postion swicths (SWA and SWD) and two 3-position switch (SWB and SWC), two thumb wheels on the ends and 2 push buttons on the rear.
For this set up we will use one 3-position switch SWC (right hand side) as our Flight Mode switch.
Swithch A (2 position) will be used for RTL - Return to Launch
Switch D will be set up for the Arm / Disarm function
Install 4 AA batteries and press both start buttons to turn on the radio.
Tap the "FLY MODE OFF" section / button of the screen.
Tap the ON button on the screen.
In the "Channel' section tap and select "5"
Tap the Check Mark to save the channel selection.
3-Position switches
Tap the S1 block
Tap SWC.

Note: Flight Modes

We are recomming 3 different flight modes. Before you select a flight mode review them and understand what each offer. You are free select any modes you wish.
Then tap "Mode01"
Use the Backspace icon to erase Mode01
Enter STAB for Stableized Mode then tap the back arrow to save.
Tap the "15" and change it to "12".
Then tap the Check Mark to save.
You will repeat the above step enter in different number. Pay attention to the images below.
Move the 3-positon switch to the center position.
NOTE: if the screen goes dark it will brighten once you touch it again.
Tap "Mode02", use the backspace to erase and enter POS for Position Mode.
Change the number to "14", tap the check mark and then the back arrow key.
Move the SWB or SWC switch full down.
MSN is for autonomous flight - mission
Tap the Tools icon.
Tap SYSTEM tap, then tap the "Output Mode" bar
Make sure the PPM and S.BUS are selected.
Then back out to the main menu.
Tap the Tool icon, then select FUNCTION
From there scroll down to Aux. Channels
tap the small arrow to select channel 6
Tap the circle, then select SWx
The tap the switch icon and select SwA then back out to the FUNCTION menu.
Again, tap the Aux. Channels tab. then the small arrow till you get to Channel 8.
Tap the circle icon again and then tap SwX.
Then the SwA tab and select SwD.

If you are setting up a servo follow these steps.

Tools Icon, then FUNCTIONS tab, then Aux. Channels
Tap the small arrow to get to channel 9, tap the circle and selcect VRx, It will default to VrA ( the left wheel) but you can select either VrA or VrB (right side wheel)
Back all the way out to the main menu.
Thanks It. Your radio is now set up for using a pixhawk.
Last modified 2yr ago