The Cobra

OnPoynt Cobra Racing Drone- Build and Setup Instructions
Your Cobra flight controller comes pre-configured, no additional configuration is required to build and fly.
Should you wish to adjust or modify the setting on your drone you will need to download and install the open source software Betaflight and connect your Cobra to your computer.
Caution: We recommend you thoroughly research setting before making any changes to your Cobra flight controller.
The Cobra is a Racing Drone is a kit that you build with the parts and tools included. It requires you to assemble the frame, mount the electronics and configure the flight controller.
The following pages are instructions on all of these steps.
At the end is a video playlist as well to walk you through the process as well.
Lastly is a video on what you need to know to start fly in First Person View (FPV) and racing.
Last modified 2yr ago