Attaching the Camera (Optional)
Horseshoe camera mount needs to go around the front of the camera. (Camera Figure 1) Then the long screw goes through one side of the horseshoe, through the hole in the platform and then through the other side of the horseshoe to be screwed into a nut on the other side. (Camera Figure 2) This setup allows pivot. Lace the camera connector wire through the top and directly down and underneath to the video transmitter that will be connected underneath. (Camera Figures 3 & 4) Trim adhesive pad to fit camera mount footprint and then mount camera on top side of aircraft, securing with zip ties, pointing down. (Camera Figure 5) Location of mounted camera can be adjusted based on preference.
Camera Figure 1. Horseshoe goes around the front.
Camera Figure 2. Long screw used to attach horseshoe to camera mount
Camera Figure 3. Camera wire lacing.
Camera Figure 4. Camera wires from other side.
Camera Figure 5. Camera secured with zip ties. Adhesive pad is under camera mount.
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