Instructions Section1
Step 1: Landing Gear Mounts
Put landing gear mounts on first. This will help to elevate off the table and make working on the drone easier. The red landing gear mounts are connected using two screws for each. (See Figures 1A-1D)
Figure 1A. Landing gear mounts and lower plate
Figure 1B. Connecting landing gear mounts
Figure 1C. Location of screws on opposite side of landing gear mounts
Figure 1D. Location of landing gear mounts (bottom view)
Step 2: Arm Collapse Grabber
Start with the lower plate. Arm collapse grabbers will be connected with two screws each at the terminal points on the lower plate and just before the landing gear previously attached on the top side of the landing gear (opposite side of the plate from where the landing gear is attached). In order to prevent loss of screws that will connect top plate, partially screw in remaining screws. (See Figures 2A-2E)
Figure 2A. Arm collapse grabbing mount materials
Figure 2B. Put all in screws before tightening
Figure 2C. Bottom view of arm collapse grabbing mounts
Figure 2D. Side view of arm collapse grabbing mounts
Figure 2E. Top view of arm collapse grabbing mounts showing screws in top to retain
Step 3: Arm Construction
A. To construct arms (longer tubes for longer arms in front of drone), put arm pivot cap onto end of tube and line hole in cap with hole in tube. Insert long screw into non-threaded end. Screw will need to be lined up with hole on other side. Ensure that threaded end threads into brass thread lock to hold screw in place.(See Figures 3A-3C)
Figure 3A. Line up hole in arm with that in cap
Figure 3B. Insert long screw starting on non-threaded end
Figure 3C. Make sure that long screw ends up in thread lock
B. Thread short screw from bottom through arm pivot point in frame and then through one of the holes in the arm pivot cap. At this point, arm should be able to pivot between arm collapse grabbers. Loosely screw remaining screw into open position on cap to prevent screw loss. Repeat with remaining arms, making sure that longer arms are in the front and the shorter arms are in the back. (See Figures 3D-3G)
Figure 3D. Thread short screw from bottom
Figure 3E. Arm in position
Figure 3F. Arm four in place
3G. Two arms collapsed onto grabber
Step 4: Connecting Motor Mounts to Arm Ends
Note: It will be necessary to go into two different packages to find mount parts.
A. Isolate the eight pairs of red arches consisting of a short half and tall half, 8 small black plates, 16 long screws, and 16 short screws. (See Figure 4A)
Figure 4A. Motor mount parts
B. Switch to the Torx T10 bit for the longer screws but keep the T8 bit handy for the shorter screws.
Figure 4B. Parts of the mounts.
C. To assemble, take small black face plate and line up end holes with shorter red arch (no threads) followed by taller red arch (threaded). Screw long screws in and repeat on other end of small black plate. The two red arches will create round openings so that they can be slid onto the arm. (See Figures 4B, 4C)
Figure 4C. All parts of the mount before tightening
D. Slide onto the arm with the small black plate on bottom of drone (same side as landing gear). Line up the end of the red arch with the end of the arm and tighten screws by going around in a circle so as not to put too much pressure on any one point and introduce torque. It will be necessary to level each face plate to ensure that the propellers will be parallel to the ground. Motor mounts are not yet finished but will be done after the motors are built. (See Figure 4D)
Figure 4D. Motor mount lined up with arm end and leveled.
Step 5: Motor Construction
Note: Not all parts included with the motor will be used and you need the other small black plates from the previous step. The black X and some of the screws will not be used due to how the motor is connected to the plate. (See Figure 5A)
Figure 5A. Parts of the motor that you will not need (left) and will need (middle and right)
A. Take the washer and nut off the propeller screw. Take propeller screw and place on top of the motor (Fig. 6B). Line up the three holes and use a fine screw driver to screw in the three small screws. (Fig 5C-5E)
Figure 5B. Propeller screw, washer and nut
Figure 5C. Propeller screw and motor line up
Figure 5D. Three small screws to attach propeller
Figure 5E. Properly attached propeller screw and motor
B. Mount motor to one of the remaining small black face plates so that central motor shaft goes through the center hole on the plate and then assemble with four screws to hold motor in place on the plate.
Mounting motor to upper plate
C. Place motor and plate so that the wires are coming off the ends and use the T8 bit to screw shorter screws into arches to complete the motor mount. Get all four screws started and then tighten by going around in a circle. Motor is now in place and motor mount is complete once it is leveled. Replace washer and propeller screw so that they do not get lost. Repeat on remaining arms. (Figure 5G)
Figure 5G. Mounting motors and upper plates to complete motor mount
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