Instructions Section 3
Step 18: Attaching the GPS antenna
Wrap the (already plugged in) GPS wire around the mast once or twice. Use round sticky pad to adhere the GPS antenna to the GPS mast as close to centered as possible with the arrow pointing straight forward. Zip tie the wire to the mast.
Figure 18. GPS mast with antenna attached, pointing straight forward.
Step 19: Attaching the landing gear
Assemble the landing gear. (Figure 19A) Start screwing in the black thumb screw into each part of the landing gear mount so that all parts are attached before being tightened. (Figure 19B) Insert the landing gear on both sides and tighten the screws so that the landing gear stays in place. (Figure 19C)
Figure 19A. Assembled landing gear
Figure 19B. Thumb screw in landing gear mount.
Figure 19C. Landing gear inserted into mounts.
Step 20: Attaching the battery
Sticky Velcro piece goes on the upper deck. Adhere other side of Velcro to the battery and then stick the battery on. Secure with Velcro battery strap. Leave battery disconnected until you are outside and ready to fly.
Figure 20. Battery attached to drone via sticky Velcro (underneath) and Velcro strap.
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