Plugging in the video transmitter (Optional)

Plug the white connector into the video transmitter (Figure VT1) and then plug the camera into transmitter so that the yellow black blue wires are connected to the yellow black red wires. (Figure VT2) Push the wires into the center of the aircraft. Plug the red and black coiled wires into the power wires coming from the ESC (Figure VT3) and plug in the video transmitter antenna. (Figure VT4)
NOTE: You MUST connect the video transmitter antenna prior to connecting the battery or you run the risk of burning out the transmitter.
The plastic shrink wrapped video transmitter should be mounted directly below the camera using an adhesive pad trimmed to fit its footprint and then zip tied in place, with the zip ties trimmed. Transmitter transmits off the side, so it performs better when not flush with the drone. (Figures VT4,5 & 6) Note: it is possible to reverse locations of camera and transmitter.
Figure VT1. White connector into video transmitter
Figure VT2. Video transmitter and camera connection.
Figure VT3. R/B coiled wires into power wires
Figure VT4. Attached antenna & connection with adhesive pad and zip ties.
Figure VT 5. Mounted camera and video transmitter (bottom view)
Figure VT 6. Top view of camera and transmitter mount.