STEM Box Pre-Flight Checklist
Weather Check (winds no more than 12 mph)
Controller Check
1. Switches Set: Far Left toggle: Fail Safe OFF, (full up)
2. Switches Set: Inner Left toggle: Crs Lock / Home Lock - full up
3. Switches Set: Far Right toggle: (nonfunctional) full up
4. Switches Set: Inner Right toggle (GPS –ATT –ATT ) to full up (GPS)
5. Voltage Checked on Remote (TX at least 40%)
6. Layard attached and around neck
Airframe Check
1. Check for damage
2. Propellers checked for damage, tight, and properly oriented
3. Battery securely attached and connected
4. Propeller guards properly attached (optional)
Pre-flight checks
1. Visual check the takeoff and maneuver area clear is clear
2. Controller power on
3. Aircraft battery voltage checked (no Red lights)
4. Verify GPS signal acquired (steady flashing green LED)
5. Engine start
6. Take off and maneuvering
Emergency Procedure
Home Lock Mode (Inner left switch to full down)
Failsafe Mode –(Far Left switch down)