STEM Ranger

Base Frame Assembly

Mounting the Landing Gear and Arms To the Base Plate

Note - Picture is of folding landing gear assembly.
Note - If using the ridged landing gear- the mount for those mount to the BOTTOM of the lower plate.
Mount the 4 folding arm assemblies to the lower plate on the same side you mounted the folding landing gear.


Note - Seen with standard wire harness.

NOTE - Be sure to connect RED wires to RED wires and Black wires to Black wires.

Connecting RED to Black will cause a short circuit and possible fire.

Note: Seen with standard wire harness
Note: seen with crimp connector wire harness
The small red JST connector female lead plugs into the male JST on the wire harness.
Note - You will need to strip insulation from the JST lead.
Plug the JST leads into the white bus block.
Use adhesive pads to secure the white bus block to the lower or upper plate.

Connecting the Servo Extensions Wires

Connect the short servo extension wires to the ESC signal wires
Note - Some wires are brown - red and orange - they correspond with black - red - white. Brown = black, red= red, orange = white.

Mounting the Battery Plate Stand Offs

insert an M3 8mm into the slot on the upper plate.
Screw the long brass standoff to the M3 screw.
repeat for all 4 standoffs.
Label the ESC extension wires 1 thru 4.
Motor 1 = right front
Motor 2 = left front
Motor 3 = left rear
Motor 4 = right rear
Trick- Use tape to label the servo wires 1 thru 4.

Mounting the Upper Plate

Feed the ESC extension wires thru the upper plate.
Make sure tuck the wires down so they do not pinch bettween the upper plate and the arm hindges.
Screw the upper plate to the top of the arm and landing gear elbows.

Mounting the NAZA Flight Controller

Mounting the NAZA Flight Controller

Note - The small arrow on the top of the Naza must point to the front of the drone!
Mount the Naza in the center of the upper plate.
Connect the motor signal wires in sequence 1 thru 4 to slots M1 - M4.
Note - Black or brown wire goes to the top.

Pic of connecting the PMU and LED wires.

Signal wire plugs into PPM/CH1 slot.
Plug the Bind connector into the last slot labled "B/VCC" for now.
Secure with adhesive pads and zip ties. wire antennas should be secured at different angles mounted to the lower plate.
Pic of assembling the GPS antenna post
Pic of mounting the GPS post,
Pic of securing the GPS puck
Pic of plugging in the GPS wires
Pic of
Ziptie the LED somewhere on teh drone where it can be seen from the rear of the aircraft.
Secure the LED to the rear

Pic of mounting the battery plate