STEM Ranger

Waypoint Module (Optional)

Optional: Attaching Waypoint Module
Note - Waypoint aircraft module and waypoint iPad module are mated pairs so numbers must match in order for waypoint to work.
Attach the waypoint module to any open space on aircraft with adhesive pad and secure with zip ties. Tuck the antenna wire where they won't get cut by the propellers. Thread the antenna through the wires at the back to try to get them going different directions.
The drone has to be powered up and the way point module needs to be hooked up both on the drone and its partner mounted on the back of the iPad (see pictures). The waypoint module also needs to be connected to the iPad through blue tooth connection. Open the app.
When loaded and on the initial setup screen with the email, you can choose to login later. If it asks for a login and password, the login and passwords are both 12345678. Go through the in-app tutorials. As you move the aircraft up and down, the attitude indicator will move. The app instructions may be different from those here as the app is routinely updated.
When using way point, there are some things to keep in mind:
1. Explore the way point app without the propellers OUTSIDE. Not having the propellers on avoids accidental launch. Being outside allows GPS lock to be obtained.
2. Once you are outside and everything is powered up, you will get a GPS lock. Hit the map locator (3rd button along the top) and the app will zoom into where you are.
3. Zoom in close and set up way points. When a point is set, a menu pops up.
4. Lower point menu will allow adjustment of flight parameters. (···) allows access to settings which has an option for the imperial or the metric system.
5. The drone will fly in numerical order, not via shortest distance.
6. For the first way point flight, choose a simple route and be cautious since there is NO obstacle avoidance built in and in way point mode, the drone ignores altitude and distance limitations.
7. The maximum number of way points is 16.
8. If you find the drone has gotten out of your control during way point flight, you will need to take MANUAL control. To do so, use the right hand switch and toggle GPS to attitude and back and then take control of the drone with the remote.
9. Across the top of the app, there are click spots for one button land (double underlined arrow) and return to home (circled H with left swoop down arrow at top). This is an alternative way to reestablish control of the drone.