STEM Ranger

ESC & Wire Harness Connectors

NOTE- Some kits were furnished with a wire harness kit and others with a finished wire harness.
Finished wire harness:

If your kit came with the wire harness above, you can skip the steps below.

Assembling the Wire Harness Connectors

Male and female connectors.
Cut 3.5mm bullet connectors from all red and black wires.
Strip the wires.
Strip about a 1/4" -3/8" of insulation from each wire.
Insert red wire into female crimp connector.
Use the crimping tool to crimp and secure the female connector to the red wire.
Connect black wire to male crimp connector.
Your wire harness should look like this when finished.

ESC Connectors

NOTE - For the ESC power wires connect male bullet connectors to the red wires and female to the black wires.
Slide male connectors on red wires / female connectors on black wires.
Use the crimping tool to crimp and secure the connectors to the wires.
NOTE - Make sure that black wires connect to black wires and red wires to red wires.
Connect the JST lead to the wire harness. The bare ends will be used later in the build.