STEM Ranger

Landing Gear

Two Options - Folding or Ridged
Ridged landing gear
Ridged landing gear option
Folding landing gear option

Lower Section Assembly

Landing gear components.
Slide T-connector onto the end of the longer, thinner tube.
Slide the T-connector to the center of the tube.
Insert nuts into the 3 T-connector spots.
Insert 3 screws.
Loosely tighten all 3 screws.
Slide the shorter, thicker tube into the T-connector. If you have trouble getting the tub to slide into the T-connector, loosen the screws a little more.
Tighten all 3 screws on the T-connector.
Completed lower section assembly.

Folding Landing Gear Assembly

Place the landing gear hinge/elbow at the end of the thicker tube with the hole.
Insert the screw through the hinge and tube.
Insert a nut and tighten the screw into place.
Completed folding landing gear assembly.

Ridged Landing Gear

Insert nut into the side hole of the landing gear mount.
Insert the thicker landing gear tube into the landing gear mount.
Insert a screw through the landing gear mount and tube and tighten in place.
Install with screws on the lower side of the upper plate.