STEM Ranger

Arms, Motors and ESCs

Motor Mount Assembly

Motor mount with plate and 4 screws & nuts.
To assemble the motor, mate the motor shaft to the top of the motor and then take the three smallest screws and secure the propeller shaft to the top of the motor.
NOTE - The "X" shaped plate is not used.
Mount the motor to the motor mount plate using the 4 Phillips head screws.
Use 4 nuts and screws to mount the motor plate to the motor mount.
Note the direction motor wires point.
Loosely screw 4 nuts and screws on the end of the motor mount.
Completed motor mount assembly.

Assembling the Arms

NOTE - The holes are at different distances from the ends.
Insert the end of the tube with the hole closest to the edge into the motor mount.
Tighten all 4 screws.

Mounting the ESC to the Bottom of the Motor Mount

NOTE - Power wires - red and black
NOTE - Signal wires - white and black (your colors may be red, black and white) with a plastic connector plug at the end.
Thread all of the ESC wires down thru the motor mount and the arm tube.
Thread those wires thru the folding elbow.
NOTE - This can be difficult - thread the signal wire thru first, then the power wires.
Secure the arm tube to the folding elbow with screw and nut.
Use zip ties to secure the ESC to the bottom of the motor mount.
Cut off excess zip tie length.
Plug motor wires into the ESC ( the order does not matter).
Completed arm assembly.Use the remaining 4 screws and nuts to connect the motor mount to the arms.